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Weight LossIf you’re thinking about working with me one-on-one in my online weight loss coaching program, you have to be ready because we aren’t fooling around here. Working with me to make a change in your body is going to make a change in your life – I guarantee it.

Because here’s the deal –

If you’re like most people you’ve tried it all. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig,  Atkins, The Grapefruit Diet –
you name it, you’ve tried it, and yet, the weight came back.

And you know that restricting food,  thrashing on the treadmill, and beating yourself up over every cookie or slice of bread you eat doe not work – not long term – and not as part of a real life.

You know the best way to lose abdominal weight (or to lose weight at all) isn’t through diet programs, acai berry, or hcg. You also know it won’t be through deprivation, fads, gimmicks, dangerous chemicals, or simply putting in more time huffing and puffing on the dreadmill.

But, even though you know all this, you’re still not sure what to do.

That’s where I come in.

What my clients say:

Martha D: “I feel more focused. I feel like I have been provided with simple, no-nonsense tools to help keep me on track with my plan to become more healthy. I have removed between 10-15 pounds so far and plan to remove another 15.”

Tracie M: “Weight loss great! Eating, exercising. Life is good; friendships better; open to new friends / ideas; everything good; positive energy!”

Lori S: “…a lot more moving. Aware of water intake. …at peace. Never even felt the urge to weigh even once.”

Online Weight Loss Coaching with Trish

What to expect:

  • A whole-life approach: Setting goals, overcoming obstacles, defeating frustration  –  we’ll deal with it all.
  • Strategies to help you cope differently and end self-defeating habits once and for all.
  • Techniques to help you get rid of any guilt, shame, or fear that may be affecting your progress.
  • Practices that will help you build or rediscover your confidence and self-worth.
  • New insight into your emotions, patterns, and habits – and how they shape your life.
  • Workouts that will boost your metabolism, tone your booty, and build lean muscle.
  • A solid foundation for living a naturally healthy life – with strategies that work in the real world.
  • Fun and engaging coaching sessions.
  • Regular coaching calls.
  • Email encouragement and support, including written exercises to complete.
  • Relaxing and motivating mp3?s for daily use.
  • A program designed specifically for you – not a one-size-fits-all fix.

Who this program won’t work for:

  • If you are looking for a quick-fix solution to weight loss, this program is not for you.
  • If you are looking for a magic pill/magic wand/lie around and wait for it to happen to you program, this is not for you.

Who this program is designed for:

  • Someone who is ready to make a bold change in their life.
  • Someone who is committed to ending their perpetual diet/failure cycle.
  • Someone who wants to change their relationships with food and exercise forever.
  • Someone who is ready for a fun, natural approach to healthful living.
  • Someone who is eager to increase their energy, health, and fulfillment now.

If that someone is you and you really are ready to experience weight loss success now, fill out the form below. I will schedule your FREE screening session within 24-48 hours.

And don’t worry – there are no diets, no screaming personal trainers berating your every move, and, best of all, no guilt in this program. I’m here to help – and to motivate. This isn’t about being thin for thin’s sake. This is about your life – and how you can live it – healthy,  and fulfilled. And I promise to keep it simple – and keep it fun.

Get FitSo, no matter what you’d like to change, boost, lose, improve or supercharge – I am ready to help you create that success.

Isn’t it time you moved to the top of the priority list?

Go ahead –  do something for your health. Fill out the form now to apply for our online weight loss coaching program. The future tight and toned you will thank you for it.


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