Weekend Wisdom Quotes

Weekend Wisdom Quotes - inspiration for weight loss Sucesswonderwomangirl3

It’s never too late to become what you might have been.
~George Eliot

Weekend Wisdom Quotes – wise words to fuel your weekend.
What wisdom would you like to share?

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My Top 3 Tips to Help You Lose Belly Fat

how to lose belly fat

Aargh, belly fat – and the ongoing desire to lose it. You’re smart enough to know that endless crunches aren’t going to help, that starving yourself seems to have the opposite effect, and that long, intense sessions on the treadmill aren’t bringing out the 6-pack on your abs (only the one in the fridge).

As a pretty fit – and flat-bellied girl, I have to tell you, I was SHOCKED when I started to get that dreaded pooch of belly fat that all my friends complained about. (Ah, 40). But I also knew that belly fat is often a result of changing hormones – and hormonal unbalance – so after a bit of a freak out (see the 6-pack reference above) I got to work researching some of the best ways to lose belly fat. My top 3 tips are below.

1. Separate your fats from your starchy/sugary carbs. There’s some interesting chemistry behind this tip – but the bottom line is that combining carbohydrates with fats creates a tornado of insulin production and fat storage – and makes it extra hard to lose belly fat. So, if you’re having breakfast – have the bacon and eggs without the toast and potatoes. Have your hamburger without the bun. Have your guacamole without the corn chips (I know – that’s a tough one), or eat your corn chips with a (no fat) bean dip instead.

2. Take a walk. A thirty minute stroll will do wonders to help you lose belly fat. And I do mean stroll. Taking a nice leisurely walk around the block or on a trail (better) can help lower your cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Too much cortisol leads to factors that help your body store fat. A walk in nature has been proven to reduce cortisol levels (and lower blood pressure). So set aside 30 minutes of me-time in the form of a nice stroll. Your brain will thank your for the restorative rest and your body will too – in the form of less belly fat.

3. Sleep. Aim for quality sleep here. Belly fat is all about hormones – and learning how to lose belly fat is all about figuring out the best way to regulate those suckers. Being sleep deprived causes measurable changes to your hormone levels (think leptin, gherlin, cortisol, and insulin). These hormones all play a major role in regulating your appetite, your metabolism, and how your body stores fat. In one study, people who slept 8.5 hours a night lost nearly twice as much fat as the people who slept 5.5 hours a night. More zzz’s and more fat loss? What’s not to love? (And if sleep is an issue for you – check our Rest of Your Life program – it might be just the thing you need to lose belly fat).

Have any tips that helped you lose belly fat – or need some help shedding yours? Comment below.


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Weekend Wisdom Quotes

Weekend Wisdom Quotes - inspiration for weight loss Success

“Nothing will work unless you do.” ~ Maya Angelou

Weekend Wisdom Quotes – wise words to fuel your weekend.
What wisdom would you like to share?

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Healthy Girl Scout Cookies

Healthy Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout’s are out again – wearing their sashes and badges and pushing boxes of Tagalongs, Samoas, Thin Mints (dear God, Thin Mints) on unsuspecting shoppers like some sort of grade school drug cartel. And how can you resist those smiling faces and tentative pitches of “Would you like to support…”? I mean of course we want to help these girls become whomever and whatever they want to be – and if our part of that is a box of cookies – well that’s good too, except for the hit that box of cookies can have on your health – and on your weight. So, how can you be a good citizen and support these girls and remain true to your own desires about health and wellness. Is there such a thing as  healthy Girl Scout cookies?

If you’re buying from your local troop, the healthiest choice is the Shortbread (also called Trefoil) cookie. It’s the lowest in calories (per serving) and has the least amount of sugar (and fat) than the other choices. It also has the shortest ingredient list -and the most readable.

But what if you’re not in love with Shortbread cookies? I hear you. I mean if the choice is Shortbread or Thin Mints – hand over the Thin Mints. So what’s health conscious girl to do? My suggestion – hand the girls a twenty and ask them to give your boxes to the troop or to the first person they see who looks like they could use them. Then follow the links below for three Healthy Girl Scout cookies recipes you can make at home.

Make something sweet and good and not full of partially hydrogenated this and high fructose that by following these links:

Healthy Girl Scout Cookies – the Recipes

Are you a fan of Thin Mints like me? Try this All-Natural Thin Mint Cookies recipe.

Samoa lover? How about a Samoa Shake?

Is peanut butter your thing? These healthy Tagalongs look awesome.

Tell us what you think of Girl Scout cookies or about the recipes above in the comments section below? Do you have your own healthy girl scout cookies recipe? Share it.

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Weekend Wisdom Quotes

Weekend Wisdom Quotes – wise words to fuel your weekend.
What wisdom would you like to share?

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My Diet Doesn’t Work – Now What?

woman on scale - my diet doesn't work

Ah, February. The time of the year when my email box gets flooded with desperate emails from women who started yet another diet (Atkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Juice Detox – you know the drill) full of hope and New Year’s commitment, only to strain, suffer, deny, and deprive and still not lose the weight. Almost always they subject lines read “My Diet Doesn’t Work,” or, even worse, “I’ve failed at another diet.”

It sucks. It sucks to put all your hopes into a diet plan AGAIN only to have it fail AGAIN.  It sucks to struggle with food plans and workouts and still see no results. It sucks to get your motivation mojo up year after year only to feel like a failure just days or weeks when the magic fix isn’t so magic after all.

So, what are you supposed to do when you diet doesn’t work? I mean, it’s calories in/calories out – right?


Calories in/calories out is only one aspect in weight loss – and it’s affected by a whole stream of things – hormones, stress, sleep, mood…and on and on.

So what’s a gal to do?

1. Stop the yo-yoing. Dieting – especially calorie-restrictive diets – creates a system that teaches your body to hold on to fat. It slows your metabolism. And it sets you up for a pattern of failure – and that’s not good for your health, your motivation, or your attitude.

2. Be the tortoise. You remember the old Tortoise and Hare story, right. The tortoise picks a pace he can sustain and keeps moving. That’s what you need to do. No fancy get-there- quick diet or exercise program is going to work – not long term. You simply can’t keep it up. Willpower runs out. Life gets in the way.

Choose behaviors and strategies that you can keep up – 2 months from now, 2 years from now, 2 decades from now. If you can’t imagine following a meal plan a year from now – don’t start following it now – you’re wasting your time. Eating and moving are forever activities – so piece together a strategy that works for you no matter what’s happening in your life.

3. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep (no more “I’m too busy to sleep” humble-brags.) If you have a real sleep problem, get some help. Find healthy ways to de-stress, and/or cut out things that aren’t serving you. Say “yes” to yourself more often – even if it means saying “no” to other people.

4. Be patient. Fat loss occurs over time. It’s the result of making more healthy choices than unhealthy ones. Practice making more healthy choices – and focus on that. They add up – day by day.

Stop giving the power of your health and well-being to the diet industry. Start taking control of your weight loss journey – one day, one bite, on move at a time. Make 2014 the last time you ever say: “My diet doesn’t work.” If you’re interested in learning more and developing a plan  that works for you, contact me or comment below – and I’ll help you get real, sustainable results.

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Weekend Wisdom Quotes

Weekend wisdom - inspriation for weight loss sucess Young Woman Doing Pushups on Bench

“Failure is Impossible.”~ Susan B Anthony

Weekend Wisdom Quotes – wise words to fuel your weekend.
What wisdom would you like to share?

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My New Favorite Dessert: Oven Roasted Dates

oven roasted dates recipe

I like dessert. Chocolate. Whipped Cream. Ice Cream. Cookies. Cake. Pie. Pudding. You name it, I’ll eat it. I have a square of dark chocolate nearly every day of my life – and a bit of ice cream pretty much weekly. So when someone brings me a new gotta try dessert, I’m an easy sell – even when the dessert is made with something I’m not particularly crazy about – like dates. Yeah – I know – dates are nutritious (despite their high sugar content), but unlike most fruits, I just wasn’t crazy about them – until now. This oven roasted dates recipe has turned dates into my new favorite dessert. It’s even beating out chocolate. Sacrilege, I know – but seriously, it’s that good.

Oven Roasted Dates


3-4 dates per person – pitted.Olive Oil
Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 350.
Line a baking sheet with foil.
Place dates on foil. Spray of drizzle olive oil on each date. Sprinkle with sea salt.
Roast for 10-15 minutes. You may want to watch that they don’t overcook. You want them slightly crispy on the outside, but still soft in the middle.

Let cool – 5 minutes or so – so that they are warm but not too hot to eat.

Enjoy 🙂

The mix of sweet and salty, gooey and crunch is amazing.

I think these oven roasted dates would be a great addition to a salad, too. I might have to play with that tonight.

Try these oven roasted dates, then let me know what you think in the comments section below. Do you have any yummy, healthy recipes to share? Let me know, and I’ll be happy to post them on the blog or you can share them on our Facebook page.

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Weekend Wisdom

contented woman - weekend wisdom - inspirational for weight loss

“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.”
~ Diane Von Furstenberg

Weekend Wisdom – wise words to fuel your weekend.
What wisdom would you like to share?

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Get Off the Couch Workout

coach potoato - get off the couch workout

I’ve been a victim of couch-suck the last few days. Couch-suck is the number one killer of any workout plan. I know it’s the number one killer of mine. You see, I’m a sucker for sitcoms. Right now the devils who run programming are showing back to back episodes of The Big Bang Theory five nights a week. I’ve come late to The Big Bang Theory, so what are repeats for most people, are fresh new episodes to me. And I keep finding myself flipping on the tv “for a minute” and getting sucked into an hour of butt-on-couch tv watching when I should be working out. So, in an effort to save myself, I created the Get Off the Couch workout. A workout I can do WHILE I watch The Big Bang Theory.

bazinga - get off the couch workout

Here’s the Get Off the Couch Workout plan:

TV Show (including credits): While the tv show is playing do something aerobic.

Run in place. Jump rope. Do jumping jacks. Bounce on a rebounder. Just keep moving the entire time.

Commercials: Once the commercials start grab the dumb bells. (If you don’t have dumb bells – do the body weight version or grab a couple of water bottles or soup cans).

Rotate between the following Get Off the Couch Workout exercises doing 15-25 reps each.

Squat with a Bicep Curl at the bottom.
High/Low Plank
Dumb Bell RowLunge with a Triceps Kickback.

Once the show starts, put down the weights and go back to the jogging, jumping, etc. When the commercials start again, pick up where you left off with the weights workout.

I do this Get Off the Couch Workout for at least one entire television show (30 minutes). If you’re feeling good – or if your show runs an hour, you can go longer.

An alternative to this Get Off the Couch Workout that I do some days is a Pandora workout. I launch the Pandora app on my IPAD and pick a station with some rocking tunes (80’s Hairbands are always fun) then I run the same type of rotation as above – changing with each song. I go for however long I have time for – anywhere between 10 minutes and 40 depending on the day.

I’ve found that these Get off the Couch workouts are especially useful on days when I don’t really want to workout – the days couch-suck is a real threat. They are fun enough to get me up (especially since I can still watch my favorite show) and varied enough to keep me engaged.

I’d love to know what you think of the Get Off the Couch Workout – or share your favorite method for beating couch-suck in the comments section below.

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