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Cardio Makes Me Hungry

Are you starving the minute you step of the treadmill? Are the Golden Arches beckoning whenever you leave the gym? What’s up with the cardio makes me hungry phenomenon anyway, and what can you do about it (other than cutting … Continue reading

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How to Stop Emotional Eating: Targetting Your Triggers

There’s a public service announcement that plays on local TV in my town where a “weight loss expert” describes her solution to staying thin (notice I said thin, not healthy). Her big secret? Spitting out food. Seriously. This “expert’s” weight … Continue reading

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Kris Carr Hungry for Change

Today I am sitting on the couch with my right ankle propped on a pillow – nursing a sprain 🙁 The sprain is no fun – but I’m following the old first aid protocol of RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) and it’s healing … Continue reading

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