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My Top 3 Tips to Help You Lose Belly Fat

Aargh, belly fat – and the ongoing desire to lose it. You’re smart enough to know that endless crunches aren’t going to help, that starving yourself seems to have the opposite effect, and that long, intense sessions on the treadmill … Continue reading

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Is Thanksgiving Weight Loss Possible: 8 Tips For a Trimmer Thanksgiving

(I posted this Thanksgiving Weight Loss article last year – and people so appreciated it, I figured I’d run it again this year.)   Happy Thanksgiving 🙂   I’ve noticed a pre-Thanksgiving trend on Facebook this year. Amid all the posts … Continue reading

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How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

You’ve been working out hard, eating healthy, and generally kicking butt on your weight loss plan. So why have you stopped losing inches and/or toning that tush? Welcome the the totally normal and somewhat frustrating weight loss plateau. We’ve been … Continue reading

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The Four F’s of Failure: How to Build an Effective Weight Loss Plan (pt. 3)

If you’ve missed the first two F’s feel free to go back and take a look at the others before tackling today’s. The next four-letter F word is one most people who have failed at creating and maintaining an effective … Continue reading

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Eight Halloween Weight Loss Tips – or How to Beat the Trick or Treat Trap

It is the end of October, and Halloween candy is everywhere. There are bowls of candy corn on every desk in the office, aisles of mini chocolate bars in every grocery store. Heck, even my dentist’s office had a bouquet … Continue reading

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