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Get Off the Couch Workout

I’ve been a victim of couch-suck the last few days. Couch-suck is the number one killer of any workout plan. I know it’s the number one killer of mine. You see, I’m a sucker for sitcoms. Right now the devils … Continue reading

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How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

You’ve been working out hard, eating healthy, and generally kicking butt on your weight loss plan. So why have you stopped losing inches and/or toning that tush? Welcome the the totally normal and somewhat frustrating weight loss plateau. We’ve been … Continue reading

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Breakfast and Weight Loss: Why it Matters

I got an email the other day from someone wondering why they couldn’t lose weight. It ended with: “I don’t even eat breakfast. I hardly eat lunch any more. I don’t understand why I can’t seem to lose any weight.” … Continue reading

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Reboot Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s the second week of January and most people’s New Year’s Resolution for weight loss is already gasping for breath. For me – a weight loss coach – those dying gasps take the form of desperate email pleas and phone … Continue reading

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Wishing for Weight Loss?

What did you do last year? What was your big weight loss related accomplishment in 2012? Joanna Quaas – an 86-year-old gymnast rocked a gymnastics competition in Germany. Check it out. Pretty inspiring stuff, huh? After you watch, go here … Continue reading

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How to Stop Emotional Eating

Do you have a go to feel better food? Do you reach for food when you’re not even hungry? Or eat mindlessly – not even noticing what you are doing. Most people do. Most people will even tell you their … Continue reading

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Winter Workouts: A Survival Guide

I live in a part of the country where winter seems to set in before fall is officially finished and sticks around well into April.   The change in temperature typically means that all fitness activity is driven inside. Time … Continue reading

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First Steps to Weight Loss – Are You Ready?

I was talking to a client about yoga the other day. A friend of mine teaches a really great beginners class – small class size, restorative poses, lots of support – led by a fantastically compassionate teacher and filled with … Continue reading

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