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This is the place to learn how to end the diet wars for good – and have fun getting fit, losing weight, and living your life!

I am Trish Bailey, certified hypnotist, personal trainer, and weight loss coach specializing in healthy lifestyles. I have made it my life’s work to show the world that it is possible to feel healthy, look great, and live a full life, without counting calories, restricting food, or killing yourself in the gym.

Anyone who has dieted knows first-hand that diets simply do not work. Not long-term. Not outside the strictest parameters. Not for anyone who wants to lead a real life. Anyone who is over forty knows that what worked in your 20’s simply does not work any more.

That’s why Over Forty Weight Loss is different. There are no diets, no screaming personal trainers berating your every move, and, best of all, no guilt. This isn’t about being thin for thin’s sake. This is about your life – and how you can live it – healthy and fulfilled. So, no matter what you’d like to change, boost, lose, improve or supercharge – I am ready to help you create that success.

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