Your Weight Loss CoachHi, I am Trish Bailey, certified personal trainer, professional hypnotist, and your weight loss and personal-change specialist. I have made it my life’s work to help women know that it is possible to feel healthy, look great, and live a full life, without counting calories, restricting food, or killing yourself in the gym.

Anyone who has dieted knows first-hand that diets simply do not work. Not long-term. Not outside the strictest parameters. Not for anyone who wants to lead a real life. And any woman who has turned 40 knows that your body doesn’t burn calories or put on muscle quite like it used to.

That’s why is different. There are no diets, no screaming personal trainers berating your every move, and, best of all, no guilt. This isn’t about being thin for thin’s sake. This is about your life – and how you can live it – healthy and fulfilled.

And I know how to get you there.

About Me:

I have a passion for helping people who have struggled with weight loss achieve the results they want in a way that works. And after working with countless clients, I know what works.

Like most people who find themselves passionate about fitness in general and weight loss in particular, I have had a love it/hate it relationship with my body – pretty much like every other women in America. I’ve let work, family, stress, and simply being too busy to pay attention impact what I ate and how much I’ve moved.

I’ve felt embarrassed about how my body looked – both in clothes – and out of them. Yikes!

And I’ve tried things (lots of things) – low fat, low carb, high protein – I even did that crazy cabbage soup thing for a while. I’ve been a gym rat, a couch potato, and a professional woman too tired to exercise. I’ve eaten like a caveman, ran like leopard, and I’ve even given vegetarianism a turn – all in an effort to figure out exactly how this diet thing plays out in the real world.

Through all of this trial and error, I discovered one thing: I know what works. Naturally. Happily. And after spending over a decade teaching what I’ve learned about weight loss to women from all walks of life, I know how to make it work for you.

At forty, I’m in the best shape of my life (so far). I’ve climbed mountains, earned at black belt in aikido, and filled my life with good people, lots of love, and fun adventures. And, to top it all off, I love my body – both how it works and how it looks. Stick with me and you will love your body, too.

My Philosophy:

Trish on ShastaWeight loss is a body and mind thing. That’s why my motto is:

Change Your Body~Change Your Mind~Change Your Life.

Through proper nutrition, fun exercise, and shifting perspectives you’ll not only love your body more, you’ll love your life.

Because, let’s face it. There’s no way you can love your life if you’re pining away for a piece of chocolate, running on the treadmill for hours at a time,  or restricting your caloric intake to next to nothing. How could you? None of that stuff works – and part of you knows it.

Doing what works for you, naturally and easily – without bells, whistles, restrictions, obsessions, or guilt – is what this site, and my mission is all about.

  • So, food has to be fresh, real, healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare – even when you’re busy and tired.
  • Workouts have to be fun, simple, and quick – so you can do them even when you’re busy and tired in any location – at home, in a hotel room, at the office, or at the gym.
  • Shifts in mindset and motivation have to quick, fun, and efficient. I’ve spent over a decade studying how to create lasting change in people. I can help you change limiting beliefs, emotional patterns, and perspectives in ways that are fun, fast, and efficient – and create a super-charged level of confidence and motivation as part of the process.
  • Nutrition, workouts, and even mindset shifts have to address your current body and chemical make-up. It’s not about what worked when you were 20; it’s about what works now – and what will continue to work as you move through your 40’s and beyond.
  • It all has to start with where you are now – in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-do format  that includes a lot of fun.

Because, quite frankly, helping you live a truly healthy, truly happy life  is what I am all about.

So, if you’re ready to make a lasting change in your life, contact me now. I’m here to help.



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