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My guess is you’re here because you’re ready to take the first step to building the body and the life you deserve. Or you’ve been stepping, but you’ve been getting more struggle than results. That’s why I put together a handbook (The Get-Going Guide) of some of my favorite tools, tricks, and tips to help you cut through the “yeah buts” and excuses that have been holding you back and get you on track for the healthy and happy life you desire.

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From The Get-Going Guide

Eat Food

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Michael Pollen 

A huge part of my weight loss and fitness philosophy hinges on eating real food that doesn’t come from a package or a factory. (Think in-season fruits and veggies, lean protein if the local, grass fed kind, and whole grains).

Notice that I’m not putting any Don’ts in here. There aren’t any restrictions, clarifications, or specifics. There’s nothing that says Don’t Eat White Foods, or Don’t Eat Dessert, or Don’t Eat Cheese.

And there’s nothing in there that says food is good or bad. Because, come on – food isn’t good or bad. It can be more healthy and less healthy; it can taste incredible or not so great; it can be fresh or spoiled. But let’s face it, food doesn’t misbehave.

Qualifiers like more or less healthy can guide your selection, though. And eventually will. But we’re going to do away with the idea of good and bad, okay?

We’re going to start thinking in terms of what food does for us – and more specifically – what it does for our bodies.

A Food-Based Thought Experiment.

I want you to think about an activity you’re looking forward to. An activity that is fun. An activity that you want to feel your best for – in terms of energy and mood. (Hint – an activity that has you moving in some way (walking, hiking, dancing, playing, etc. works best for this experiment – but going to a party or out on a date works, too.)

Got it? Good.

Now take a minute and really picture, imagine, or think about you doing that activity. What will you be doing? How will your body move? Will you be laughing or smiling? How will you feel?

Now I want you imagine the meal you would choose to eat about 30 minutes before doing this activity. And as you are imagining or thinking about your food choices – ask yourself this one, simple question:

“What can I eat that will leave me feeling healthy, energetic, and ready to do this activity?”

Take a minute and notice the kinds of food that come to mind.

I’ll bet it’s choices that include fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

Because here’s the thing: The more attention you pay to your body – to moving it and fueling it, the more it will gravitate toward healthier choices.

And when you choose to indulge – pick something that really is indulgent. Don’t settle for crappy microwave chocolate cake in a mug if you’re craving chocolate. Get in your car (or better yet walk) to the gourmet cupcake place downtown and get what you really want. Then savor it. Take your time. Enjoy every single bite.

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