Healthy Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout’s are out again – wearing their sashes and badges and pushing boxes of Tagalongs, Samoas, Thin Mints (dear God, Thin Mints) on unsuspecting shoppers like some sort of grade school drug cartel. And how can you resist those smiling faces and tentative pitches of “Would you like to support…”? I mean of course we want to help these girls become whomever and whatever they want to be – and if our part of that is a box of cookies – well that’s good too, except for the hit that box of cookies can have on your health – and on your weight. So, how can you be a good citizen and support these girls and remain true to your own desires about health and wellness. Is there such a thing asĀ  healthy Girl Scout cookies?

If you’re buying from your local troop, the healthiest choice is the Shortbread (also called Trefoil) cookie. It’s the lowest in calories (per serving) and has the least amount of sugar (and fat) than the other choices. It also has the shortest ingredient list -and the most readable.

But what if you’re not in love with Shortbread cookies? I hear you. I mean if the choice is Shortbread or Thin Mints – hand over the Thin Mints. So what’s health conscious girl to do? My suggestion – hand the girls a twenty and ask them to give your boxes to the troop or to the first person they see who looks like they could use them. Then follow the links below for three Healthy Girl Scout cookies recipes you can make at home.

Make something sweet and good and not full of partially hydrogenated this and high fructose that by following these links:

Healthy Girl Scout Cookies – the Recipes

Are you a fan of Thin Mints like me? Try this All-Natural Thin Mint Cookies recipe.

Samoa lover? How about a Samoa Shake?

Is peanut butter your thing? These healthy Tagalongs look awesome.

Tell us what you think of Girl Scout cookies or about the recipes above in the comments section below? Do you have your own healthy girl scout cookies recipe? Share it.

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