Healthy Soda?

Every now and then and new weight loss product catches my eye – and my curse word generator. The latest Do They Really Think We’re That Stupid Award goes to Pepsi – and their new Healthy Soda – the Fat Blocking Pepsi Special.

Pepsi Special is being released in Japan this week. Apparently the new Pepsi product contains dextrin – which actually has some health benefits, including stabilizing blood sugar, and helping prevent cardiovascular disease.

But even with the boost of fiber, healthy soda is a pretty big claim. A claim apparently founded on some research conducted on mice that showed that when fed dextrin they absorbed less fat from their food.

Here’s the thing. A high fiber diet is good for you. It may even help you absorb less fats.  But fiber combined with the sugar and chemical swirl that is soda? Seriously? Do they really think we’re that stupid?

Don’t let Pepsi’s fat blocking soda hype fool you. It’s still Pepsi. It’s still a high calorie zero nutrition drink (that causes far more health problems than it claims to cure). Adding fiber into the mix doesn’t change that.

Bottom line: Pepsi’s healthy soda isn’t going to help you lose weight. In fact, chances are it will do just the opposite. It will trick you into drinking more soda (“But it’s got fiber in it and my doctor says I need more fiber”) and into gaining more weight. And we’re all too smart to fall for that.

Does this kind of marketing make you crazy or do you think seemingly “healthy” junk food is a good thing? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments area below. And thanks for reading!

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