non-dairy mocha recipe

My husband loves a fancy coffee drink. He especially loves the kind you don’t have to stand in line for. (He’s not a coffee shop guy). His favorite drink is a non-dairy mocha that he makes in the blender. He talks about it ALL the time. Seriously. And people ask about it ALL the time. What’s that non-dairy mocha thing your husband loves? How do you make that? And since I’m kind of a full-dairy (organic – but still dairy) kind of girl, the only answer is I don’t know? Cashew milk and coffee?

Well, good news, friends. The not knowing ends now!

That’s right. The super secret non-dairy mocha recipe is out. And I’m sharing it here, first.

John’s Special Non-Dairy Mocha Recipe – straight from the creator’s keyboard.

I make this stuff a pitcher at a time and store in the ‘fridge in this easy-to-clean wide-mouth quart jar or Nalgene water bottle. It’ll keep for up to 2 weeks, allowing you to have a rich, creamy, chocolaty, coffee treat – without dairy – any time you like (and, with your own chosen level of caffeine.) It gets creamier and tastier as the week goes by.


• 1 cup raw organic cashews, soak in water for 24 – 72 hours in the refrigerator.
• 6 tbsp organic cacao powder
• 6 capfuls (from the bottle) of organic vanilla
• 6 tsp of instant coffee. (I use half Folger’s decaf and half instant espresso)
• 4 cups of filtered water

Put it all in a Blendtec or comparable device. Process on “whole juice”, and you’ll get ~ 5.5 cups of dark, rich, non-dairy mocha. After it sits in the fridge, shake well before pouring and stir often while drinking. I like this as much as any commercial version, and it’s way less sugar & fat, plus nutritious. Part of my breakfast most mornings.

That’s it, and it’s good. Especially of you’re staying clear of dairy. But it’s good even if you’re not. Even I like a cup of it from time to time.

I hope you like the recipe. If you have a similar recipe you like and want to share, please do that below. If you have any questions or other comments, please leave them and I’ll make sure to respond. Better yet, I’ll get John over here to talk to you all.

Be well and happy!

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