Kris Carr Hungry for Change

Today I am sitting on the couch with my right ankle propped on a pillow – nursing a sprain 🙁 The sprain is no fun – but I’m following the old first aid protocol of RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) and it’s healing up pretty quickly. Lucky for me, there’s lots of great things on the internet to keep me entertained. Today I came across a video of Kris Carr Hungry for Change. In it Kris is being interviewed about health, food, disease, addiction, and stress. (Kris is the wellness guru of Crazy Sexy Cancer fame).

It’s worth watching. What she says about sugar is golden, but it was the piece about food addiction that really hit home.

“If I have a relationship with food where I can’t have it in my house, then I have to really look at what’s going on in my life. ‘Cause it has nothing to do with food. It’s not just what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.” –  Kris Carr Hungry for Change

If that sounds at all familiar to you, you have to watch this clip.

Sadly, the whole ditch the food (chips, candy, cookies – whatever) in the garbage only to dig them out later is a story way too many people can relate to. Even worse, it’s a sign of a serious misalignment in your relationship with food, with health, and, most importantly, with yourself.

One of the things I focus on with this site and in my training practice is coming to terms with the stuff (stress, sadness, trauma, drama, etc.) that’s expressing itself through food – both in the choices you make and the eating habits you’ve developed.

Watch the Kris Carr Hungry for Change interview.

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