holiday weight loss tips

Congratulations. You’ve made it. It is the middle of December and you’re still here. You’ve survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Hanukkah. You’ve almost made it to Christmas. And you’ve done it while immersed in the media’s barrage of holiday weight loss tips and must-have shopping guides.


But, really – how are you doing?

I only ask because most people I know are starting to get pretty frazzled by now. They are feeling over-rushed, overwhelmed, over-stressed, and guilty. Two many glasses of champagne. Too many pieces of fudge. Too few sessions at the gym. And too much trying to be perfect.

The last thing you need is two more things – two more suggestions – two more holiday weight loss tips. I know.

That’s why I’m keeping them simple.

1. Breathe.

That’s it. Just breathe. Forgot to buy a gift for you sorta sometimes best friend? Breathe.Reaching for another helping of mashed potatoes even though you feel stuffed? Breathe. Thinking about skipping lunch in preparation for a party tonight? Breathe. Waiting for the in-laws to arrive? Breathe.

In through your nose. Out through your mouth. Sit, stand, hell – lie down on the floor. Close you eyes if it feels right and breathe.

2. Breathe again.

Really. Go ahead and do the inhale/exhale thing one more time.

Here’s the deal – everything you need to know rests in those breaths. Time passes. Heads clear. Decisions can be made. Choices can be changed. And through it all you can be reminded that you’re still here. You’re okay. Even if everything else seems out of control, your breath still works. It feeds you, fuels you, fills you. Just breathe.

Those are my top two holiday weight loss tips. Use them to get through the holidays. Use them to get through life. You are enough. Simply by breathing, you are enough.

Happy holidays!