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What did you do last year? What was your big weight loss related accomplishment in 2012?

Joanna Quaas – an 86-year-old gymnast rocked a gymnastics competition in Germany.

Check it out.

Pretty inspiring stuff, huh?

After you watch, go here and check out the comments section. Notice how many people say something like, “I wish I could do that now” or “I wish I was half as fit as she is.”

My guess is Johanna Quaas didn’t do a lot of wishing to get into the shape she is in at 86.

In fact, I’m pretty sure wishing never got anyone more flexible, more athletic, or more fit. I’m also pretty sure no one wished their way to a weight loss goal.

It’s all in the doing.

Are you tired of wishing for more energy, more flexibility, more health, and more fitness?

Check out my coaching programs. I’ll help you turn that weight loss wish into reality. Feel free to share your wishes in the comments section below, and let me know – who inspires you to do?

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