working out after an illness or injury

Today’s post is more for me than for you. Sorry about that. But after 3 weeks (THREE WEEKS!!) of flu cold ick, I’m in need of some physician heal thyself style advice. And not kick in the ass get going boot camp advice. That never works for me. I need gentle, listen to your body style advice that doesn’t make me roll my eyes, and, face it, that’s hard to find. So here I go. Two steps for working out after an illness or injury. No eye rolling or name calling allowed.

1. Get some sleep. Rest matters. A lot. And when you’re recovering from an injury or illness rest matters even more than usual. It is one of the things your body needs the most. So make sure you’re getting good sleep, and if your normal 7 hours is starting to look more like 9, give yourself a break. The body’s in healing mode. Let it heal. Hitting the gym and working out after an illness or injury has had a chance to run its course is a recipe for relapsing. Take it from me – because running too hard on too little sleep is exactly what got me here.

2. Take it slow. One of the things I’m dreading the most is getting back into my workout routine and feeling slow, weak, tired, and fat. And I’ve just realized that every workout I have scheduled to do in the next couple of days is just too long (a hike up the hill = 2 hours), (yoga = 45 min), (aikido =1.5 hours). Not smart, Trish. Not smart at all. I need to pick something where the time element is in my control. I can lift weights, hop on the rebounder, go for a walk, or even shorten up my hike. I can commit to 30 seconds and go from there. Really. 30 seconds. Committing to the ridiculous is a great way to get back into the swing of things when you’ve been feeling a bit blocked and are stymied at the thought of starting all over again. And I’m feeling blocked, stymied, stiff, and weak. Taking it slow is the only way I’m going to get back to 100% any time soon.

And I so want to get back to 100%.

What’s your best advice for working out after an illness or injury? I’d love to hear it. Go ahead and share in the comments section below

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